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Cristobal Krusen

Project Title: Life or Death

Cristóbal has worked as a writer/director of film and television for thirty years, helming productions in more than twenty countries. He is best known for the award-winning films Final Solution, More Than Dreams, Undaunted and most recently, Sabina K. He is also a published author.

Working in multiple languages, Cristóbal is known for a poetic filmmaking style and the ability to draw intense and intimate performances from actors (professional and non-professional). Above all, he is a “story-teller” who delights to engage his audience while addressing the deepest needs of the human heart.

Life or Death is a political dramatic series engulfed in a presidential election and scandal in the tiny Republic of Costaguana. Dominic Beaubien. The ex-president’s son, must decide whether to pick up the mantle of his assassinated cousin and join the race, or remain on the sidelines. A hired assassin charts his every move.