CTBISAP Entrepreneurship Program Overview

The CaribbeanTales Black Incubator and Studio Access Project (CTBISAP) is a business and production hub for emerging black filmmakers designed to build capacity in the Black Canadian Film Industry. Black filmmakers will attend lectures for skill development, and practical deliverables while collaborating with mentors for guidance and support.

“We acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.”


  • ●  Training in Marketing and Branding
  • ●  Business Production Resources
  • ●  Delivery of Proof of Concept
  • ●  Build International Contacts and Reach Mentors

This program offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of entrepreneurship in the film and television industry. Participants will gain essential knowledge and skills in several key areas:

  1. Business Incorporation: Learn the steps to legally establish and structure your production company.
  2. Developing a Production Slate: Understand how to create and manage a diverse portfolio of projects for your production company.
  3. Project Development and Production: Gain insights into the processes of developing, producing, and bringing film and television projects to fruition.
  4. Market Navigation: Explore the various markets within the industry, including distribution, sales, and audience engagement strategies.

For applicants who join the program with a specific project, there will be dedicated opportunities to refine and advance their projects under the guidance of industry professionals.

Moreover, projects that demonstrate exceptional potential may be selected to participate in CaribbeanTales’ The Big Pitch at TIFF event. This prestigious event, held during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), offers a platform for filmmakers to present their work to industry leaders, investors, and potential collaborators, providing a significant opportunity for exposure and advancement in the competitive film and TV landscape.

By the end of the program, participants will have a solid foundation in both the creative and business aspects of the industry, equipped to launch and sustain successful ventures in film and television.

Increases the potential for emerging Black Canadian filmmakers to monetize their intellectual property.
Lays the groundwork for products of Black Canadian media entrepreneurs to become viable and sustainable within the mainstream Canadian media industry.
Supports existing Black Canadian entrepreneurs, and provides opportunities for emerging Black Canadian media entrepreneurs to acquire new skills.


CTBSIAP is focused on Canadian Black Filmmakers. ONLY Black Canadian citizens and permanent residents can apply. We welcome projects that have more than one writer or producer, have a team of two producers or a team of one writer and one producer to apply as a team or individually. In order to qualify for a team of more than one applicant, it must be ensured that all members applying with the project should be Black. This incubator will be offered virtually.

Submission checklist for all applicants:

  • Resume
  • Letter of Intent – one page of why you are interested in taking part in this program and goals for your project.
  • Project Title and Synopsis of story you would like to develop.
  • Sample of work (script, showreel, writing sample)

Please complete the application form to apply to the CTBSIAP today!

Applications Close: Monday, June 24th, 2024

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